I always like to get to the airport super early before any of my flights. Today is no different, I am here 4 hours before my flight leaves. I like to find my gate and sit before the long trip. I am travel internationally for the first time ever all by myself. In about 16 hours I will be landing in Rome, Italy at 8:20 am, their time, to study art. After spending so many years looking at and studying the art that has come out of Italy, I can now see it in person. Definitely very nervous but the excitement is starting to overtake it. Sitting at gate 8 watching WWE Monday night Raw, waiting on my first flight of the day. I have been waiting for this trip since November of last year. Being in my first year of my master’s degree I am no stranger to studying Italian art but never in the country where it originated. I am one to stay withing my comfort zone, but this will definitely push me out of it. In preparation for going, I watch the Lizzie McGuire movie, twice. I remember watching it as a child and waiting so badly to go, now 20 years I will finally fulfill that little girl dream. I don’t know what it is going to be like when I get there, and I already miss my home, but I know this will be a trip I am going to talk about for the rest of my life. I feel so blessed that I am able to go and do this. To Italy I go!