It has been one week since I returned from Prague and Berlin, and I have used this time to reflect on my experience abroad. On a lighter note, I miss the prices of food in Prague. We were given a stipend when we arrived and when it was time to leave Prague, I had a lot of my stipend leftover. So, I went to the local food market and bought a lot of snacks for the trip to Berlin. I also miss the amount of daylight we had, as I could still walk outside at 9PM and see the sun. My study abroad trip made me realize that the world is much larger than The University of Alabama, among other things. One unique aspect of my trip was that we had the opportunity to visit various local businesses, from Nike to a chocolate factory, and everything in between. Seeing the differences in the typical working-class citizen was very interesting, as all of the places we visited seemed to value “leaving work at work” much more than we do here in the United States. With my trip being shorter, the biggest adjustment being back in the United States is the jet lag and the time difference. However, I was able to quickly adapt because to my favor, we were 7 hours ahead of the United States in Germany. My biggest advice for someone planning to study abroad is to ensure that your international data is going to work correctly, as I spent the entire week without cell service unless we were at the hotel.