I came to Milan not knowing a single person and will leave with friends for a lifetime. The first day I got here I got familiar knowing me group full of American students and also my roommate from Spain who studies in America. Instantly I knew it was going to be a semester of meeting incredible people. On the day of orientation, I was nervous about who I’d meet if I’d meet anyone, I enjoyed spending time with. Safe to say I had zero business being nervous because that day I met some of the greatest people I’ve ever gotten to know and from all over the world. Different ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs and more. But it didn’t matter, everyone was incredibly nice and like me, eager to meet people.

The night of orientation I was able to go out for some drinks with about 30 people from countries all over the world such as France, Syria, Belgium, Russia, Brazil and more from France which you will see is a common theme. Most of my closest friends are from France here, and I will say although they’ve taught me only a few things to say in French, I could spot a French person out from a mile away I’m so used to hearing them speak the language by now. What’s impressed me most about not only my French friends but most all European students is how many languages the speak and how intelligent they are. They’re so well versed in world politics, geography and general knowledge as well as speaking up to 5 languages fluent has been something that kind of blew my mind.

I’ve really gotten to learn about people’s life stories and gain an understanding of how I can relate to them in different ways. Whether that’s sports, or other passions such as movies, it’s been fun learning about the people that have made this semester so special. The things I will remember most are of course the late nights out with endless fun and memories, but also the simple things like getting lunch after class or making jokes. There is no doubt I will be seeing many of these friends again, when I come back to Europe or France, as my friends consider me an adopted Parisian, I will see them, or when they come to visit America, I will make a way to see them. I’ll never forget the time we had together here and will cherish the memories forever for these people who helped me see life through a different lens.