I have been studying abroad so far for 3 months. These 11 weeks have been life-changing. I had no idea what impact studying abroad would have on me. People talk about their once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you can only wonder if it’s true. Well, for me, it is. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to travel around Europe and study in another country. With this being my first time out of the country, I feel like I have seen so much. I have been to four different countries and multiple cities in Spain. It has all been beautiful, and to see and touch history and the stuff we learned in school is amazing. Sometimes you forget where you are and how many people have dreamed of these places. About school, I don’t have much to say because my classes are electives, so they aren’t that difficult. You will still have homework, so please do it and attend every class. Try your hardest not to miss because you paid. And in my classes, they are mainly discussion-based, so if you miss it, you miss it. During the week, I go to class Monday through Thursday, and I go on trips during the weekend. I enjoy how my classes are structured because they’re more focused on your participation than on your assignments, compared to back at home. I hope everyone who plans to study abroad sees how blessed they are. I am happy that I took advantage of this situation, and this scholarship helped me a lot with paying for my program. I have been able to meet so many people, and I have made friends for a lifetime. I am so happy that I studied abroad.