On May 5th, I will be traveling to Belize, and I could not be more excited. I have never traveled outside of the U.S., so I know that this trip will be very eye-opening. As I am finishing up my last-minute shopping items and packing, I am thinking about the adventure ahead. I can't wait to meet so many new people, both peers and the locals of Belize. I am excited to gain a global perspective on a country that is not the United States. I think it is important for people to gain perspectives outside of their country. I hope to get close with the other students attending and make lifelong memories. 

This trip has been easy to prepare for. The dress code is casual. We will be switching from swimsuits to shorts and t-shirts because we will be spending most of our time outside either snorkeling, hiking, or doing research for our projects. We are encouraged to bring our laptops and cameras so that we can have photos for our projects. I am interested in taking as many pictures as possible to learn about all of the different species in Belize. As a marine science major, I know that this trip will be right up my alley because I will be studying species in the reef. I hope that this trip gives me ideas of what I would like to study in the marine science field. I know that I will miss my family, but this trip will aid my studies and open my eyes to other marine science opportunities that I would not be introduced to otherwise.