Studying abroad is amazing due to the variety of places to go but sometimes it might be nice to just stay around your new home. That is why it is important to not waste a single day and come up with some things to do instead of traveling (that are also not too expensive). 

The first thing is, of course, a movie night with friends! Get some popcorn and wine from the store and maybe even some fun treats and make a full event of watching your favorite movies. Sure, many study abroad homes do not have a television, so even watching a movie with your friends on a tiny computer screen can still make a great night. 

The second activity that is always fun is hosting a dinner party. Sharing a meal with your friends creates such a nice bond without doing that much work. You can work together to make a great dinner, or you could just mess around in the kitchen, but either way it could make some memories. You could also incorporate other activities like playing cards or doing karaoke. You can act stupid with your friends with full bellies. 

The third activity is to go store hopping. Whether it is going to different restaurants, cafe’s, clothing stores, or even gift shops, it could really get you familiar with the city and the area around you. In the future this could come in handy when a friend asks you for advice on where to go. You get to be a personal tour guide for yourself and others. It could also lead you to so many new places and findings all from just wandering around aimlessly. It is the easiest thing and it also gets you out and moving so you are not just inside all day.

Studying abroad can get really busy but these activities can really help slow you down for a moment while also making the most of it. These could be done anytime of the year and will always be fun.