Sitting in the middle of my semester abroad to Esslingen, Germany, I am so grateful to have this opportunity. My entire perspective and outlook on life has shifted, and it is almost as similar as living in a completely different world. 

Even the smallest things are adventures, like the time I went to get a haircut and had to talk to the hairdresser completely in German. Or like the time when my friends and I took a hike to the Esslingen Castle and saw the beautiful view of the vineyards and city below. Or even when I got lost on the trains with a dead phone and had to navigate my way back home using the information boards at the train station. 

I’ve also been able to easily travel to other countries while abroad, including Poland, where I tried Pierogis in Krakow. I traveled to the Netherlands, where I biked through Amsterdam and got some clogs. In Belgium, I saw the botanical gardens of Brussels and the beautiful rivers in Ghent. Then in Luxembourg, I visited Clervaux and was able to see the beautiful European countryside and get a feel for the slower side of life. In Zurich, Switzerland, I strolled through the beautiful city streets and saw the beauty in everyday city life. 

I can’t wait to see what other adventures await me here in Europe, and though I do miss the United States every now and then, this study abroad semester is giving me a once in a lifetime chance to see the world like never before.

Hike with friends up to the castle in Esslingen.

Climbing for the first time with friends in Europe.

A walk through the German forest enjoying the Sunday vibes.