With all the preparation of getting ready the past couple weeks to study abroad in London and Lisbon, I didn’t anticipate how fast the time would go by until I was getting ready to board my plane to travel to another country. I think anticipating something makes it feel odd when the time finally arrives. Getting closer to the date you realize all the unknown you are going to experience. For myself, I have never flown without my parents and haven’t been out of the country without them. I wondered what could go wrong, what am I going to have to do when I get there, and make sure I have everything packed in my suitcase. I think also arriving in a new location without anyone you know can be very overwhelming. I am so excited to experience something new that I have never experienced before. I think a good way to deal with all of the emotions of going to education abroad is to take it day by day. Throughout the time planning for this trip, it often became very daunting how much you didn’t know about going to another country. I know my parents and friends are so excited for me and are expecting plenty of pictures about the whole experience. I think going abroad is a new experience that I will have to get used to. I leave for London in a few hours and am looking forward to all the new experiences I will get to face.