Before studying abroad, I prepared for worst case scenario situations. Like, getting zip up bags for pickpocketing or bringing memorabilia from home incase of homesickness. I did not prepare for what the good parts of studying abroad entail. I am currently studying abroad in a small city in the south of France called Aix-en-Provence. When arriving in France I was so worried I was not going to make any friends due to how difficult it is for me in college. I prepared to read, crochet, and just lay in bed with all of the time on my hands. That ended up being only a waste of space because I am barely at my apartment due to always being in class or with my new friends. Speaking of apartments, I also wish I joined a homestay. I know that it seems so stressful and terrifying, especially when you know little to no French, but forget all of the horror stories because the experience is something that I regret missing out on. It would’ve helped me so much to live with a French speaking host parent, and I most likely would be fluent due to the unending free practice that I would get. You will also most likely not even be home most of the time because of all the trips you would take when in a new country. This goes into another thing I wish I did before arriving in France, which is to make an itinerary for trips! Do not wait till the last minute to schedule flights because the prices go up quickly. Do not be worried about going alone either because when you schedule a trip, so many other people would want to be involved. Even if you do go alone, so what! You traveled abroad alone and you could do so much more. Lastly, do not worry about the little things. Obviously stay caught up on coursework and be safe, but if you plan for good things then good things will come. Spend the money you saved, go out on school nights, eat a new dessert everyday! Make the most of your trip because you are never going to get an experience like this again.