As a lover of traveling, I am very excited to embark on my study abroad adventure, but of course with that comes some jitters and nerves. I am very excited to have the opportunity to study abroad in both London, UK and Lisbon, Portugal with a few day trips to other countries sprinkled in. Having already been to London, I am very excited to return to a familiar place and explore places I had not been before while revisiting places I absolutely loved. Lisbon, however, is new territory as I have never visited there before. There are nerves as there are major differences in culture which can be a shock, but the best thing that can be done is research! This is helpful in navigating a new city and figuring out things that you may be interested in doing. I have also found it very helpful in finding things to fill your days with instead of wandering aimlessly around a new city. As I am typing this post before I leave, I have already been hit with a number of travel delays and issues. Things like this happen, but it is important to stay calm and work with your airline. Our professor has been so wonderful in keeping us informed on his status while traveling, as well as the status of various airlines. This just further adds to the jitters and nerves that come with traveling abroad. Just relax and stay calm and focus on the wonderful and educational journey ahead!