Hey everyone, it is Sara Jeffrey again, back with another installment of Bama Bloggers Abroad. I am at The Capstone’s campus grounds back to my usual schedule. It feels a little off because going back to my normal routine makes it feel as though all of last week was a fever dream, but I know it was not. I can say that I wanna go back, wish I had more time, wish I had done this, that, and the third, but I believe that all I set out to do was achieved. I have no major regrets, except for not getting that Krispy Kreme condensed milk donut at the airport. Before I even left for Panama it was my goal to make sure I make the best of the experience, and having that goal in mind makes it pretty hard not to stick to it. One of the major takeaways from the trip was getting to know all of my cohort more in-depth and personally. Despite being in class together and seeing each other here and there it was not until Panama we became thick as thieves. I got to observe how they think, feel and act on a daily basis. They are people that inspire me to be better, and strive to be better than my best self. I also got to learn about local businesses and how global businesses can become local to fit their clientele. Overall I have developed a deeper interest in international business from attending the trip, a deeper sense of community and how I can be more involved to help those around me.