Hey there again, it is me Sara and I am currently in Panama as we speak. Touching down in Panama I felt like I was back home in Guyana. The heat, the humidity and the birds chirping it was a sense of serenity and a peaceful time. After getting over that feeling of glee I knew that I needed to focus on the real reason I was in Panama, I needed to lock in. I originally thought we were there for one purpose and that one goal only, but with the time I spent so far in Panama I have developed new objectives. Getting the chance to immerse myself within a new culture, especially one that speaks a different language, was eye-opening to the different perspectives that have always existed, but I had never given thought. I understood though that at the end of the day, despite the language barrier we are all people that share the same general aspirations; we care about happiness, family and success. Once I arrived I was nervous about my lack of fluency in Spanish and how that would affect my ability to communicate effectively. However, despite my reservations when put to the task in almost all instances I would try to speak in Spanish even if it did result in some misunderstandings. The most important thing to highlight from that experience is the determination I displayed that originated in a place of uncertainty. As my days in Panama near the end it is hard to start packing my bags and gradually revert to my American lifestyle. I can say with 100% certainty I do not regret this experience.