While preparing to travel abroad, there are a lot of people giving you lists, reminders and ideas of what specific items you need to pack. They are all super useful, and it is important to follow instructions from your program and university, as well as asking some friends or family who have studied abroad for advice, too. Once you get to your new city, though, there will likely be some things that you don’t have and wish you did. 

To avoid running into this problem, here is a list of items that would have helped make my transition to Barcelona a little easier!

  1. A bag to carry laundry in

I struggled so much at the beginning finding an easy way to lug my laundry around to the washer and dryer. People will get creative, often using their suitcases, weekend backpacks, grocery bags or just their arms to get their clothes to and from the laundry room. I recommend bringing a lightweight tote bag or a real laundry bag that you can get on Amazon!

  1. A durable water bottle

It is so much easier to fill up your own water bottle than to constantly be buying plastic ones. I recommend a medium sized metal bottle so that it keeps your water cold, and you can easily carry it!

  1. Slippers or house shoes

There will be times that you have to slip outside of your room for a minute or two, and you aren’t going to want to put sneakers, boots or sandals on. With a pair of comfortable shoes to wear around your place, you will keep clean and warm feet. 

  1. A coin purse

You will surely come across many instances where you use coins instead of credit card or cash, for example, when buying a water bottle, coffee or a small sandwich. They are so much more useful in countries that use the euro, in comparison to the US, because there are 1 and 2 euro value coins. Because of this, you will enjoy having a safe space to keep your coins for easy use and access.

  1. A memento or two from home

Trust me, I know that you won’t have much room in your suitcase to pack extra things. However, my room felt so bare and unlike me, which doesn’t help make the transition any easier. Even just one picture frame with a photo of your friends or family will reassure you that they are right there with you, every step of the way.