One summer a couple years ago, my family and I went up to Boston. We stayed with my mother’s friend who she met 30 years ago when she was a student in college and studied abroad. All weekend they shared stories of them abroad and traveling the world together. The stories they told sounded like too much fun for me to not do the same. As I entered college my mother kept pestering me to study abroad claiming that it would be the cheapest I would ever get to see the world for. Because of her, I decided to study abroad for the spring semester of my sophomore year. My mother and her friend studied in Rome so I decided to do the same. Italy was always a country I had wanted to visit because I had heard of the vast beauty that stretched the entire country. I was told that even the middle of nowhere in Italy still has some of the most beautiful sights you can see. So I decided to go, and I chose Rome. Not only because my mom had been there but also because of the rich history that the city has to offer. There are ancient ruins everywhere in Rome ranging from the Coliseum to the Pantheon and the most insane churches like St. Peters. Upon further researching I also found out that it was one of the cheaper cities in terms of food and drinks as well. It all-around sounded like the best place for me to visit.