As the end of the spring semester quickly came to a close I headed home to Maryland to prepare for my study abroad trip. With a quick 3 day turn around I was very busy trying to catch up with friends and family, as well as pack and prepare for the trip. I honestly think everyone I talked to at home asked about my trip. With all that said I just arrived at my Hotel in London and got checked into my room. This travel day has been a roller coaster, my friends and a good portion of my peer’s flights were delayed due to the weather that was happening all over the south. That of course mixed up our plans for today. For me however everything went smoothly other than a 10 minute delay. That was until I arrived at LHR, after a while trying to figure out service and wifi on my phone I was finally able to get in contact with other people on the trip, luckily some people hung around the airport so I was able to meet up with them. Our professor sent those of us waiting to get a van and head to our hotel, so we did. However they were unable to get all 6 of us and our luggage in one car so they split us up. The driver of my taxi took us on an unsolicited tour so our fee was higher, which is slightly annoying but it’s okay, we got to see some very pretty architecture and he gave us a few tips so it should even out in the long run. I am now getting ready and waiting for my roommate to get to the hotel so we can start exploring!

Talk to you later!

The view from my room