Finals week was one of the most challenging weeks to balance while abroad. In my program, our grades were heavily weighted on the midterm and final so that we could have lighter workloads throughout the semester. Because of this, the finals required a lot of studying; but on top of this you have to pack to return home and try to enjoy your last moments in your city. I was feeling super stressed during this time and definitely wished I had been more prepared so that my main focus could be enjoying as many moments as possible during my final days.

To do this, my top tip is to prepare in advance. While we are there to study, study abroad is much more about the experiences and memories formed. You won’t want to miss out on any opportunity to be with friends you may not see for a long time or to visit places for the last time before leaving. It may feel silly to prepare for finals 2-3 weeks early, but if you do start early it will help you so much to enjoy time at the end. Instead of cramming, you can do smaller reviews of the information and spend more time around your city. You can also use studying as a way to explore new areas. I found libraries and cafes across Barcelona and tried to study at as many as possible to feel like I was doing something fun, or gaining an experience even while doing school work.

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