I chose to study abroad for a variety of reasons.  I have always wanted to travel the world and experience different cultures, and try new things.  It truly fascinates me how people across the world can live so differently than how I am used to in the United States.  You do have to consider certain things before making this big of a decision.  For example, are you ready to be submerged in a culture that is totally different than your own? Are you independent enough to be thousands of miles away from home? Can you adapt to change easily? Would your class schedule and anticipated graduation date be hindered by going abroad? There are many things that you need to be prepared for before deciding you want to live across the world. To prepare emotionally and mentally, you need to be confident in yourself and know you will be perfectly fine traveling and fending for yourself if you prioritize safety. You also need to be prepared to avoid pickpocketing by doing things like packing a cross-body bag and being extra cautious while abroad.  

I am planning to pack lots of clothes, toiletries, adapters, euros, my computer, cross-body bag, comfortable walking shoes, and towels for traveling. I am just bringing items that I know will be necessarily and that I use every single day.  I am trying to leave extra room for when I buy more items while I’m there. 

I am extremely excited to go abroad. I am not nervous in the slightest and think this is an amazing and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me.  I can not wait to travel the world on the weekends and meet new people.  My family plans to visit me while I am there and move me into my apartment, which makes the situation a bit more comfortable for me. 

I hope to gain more independence and knowledge.  I hope to learn more about the Italian language and submerge myself into the culture as much as possible.  I hope to travel throughout Italy and hopefully to other countries such as France and the UK.