I absolutely loved Madrid. Today, we wrapped up our time in the city, and headed for Barcelona on a train. It was a bitter sweet goodbye. I know I won’t be back in Madrid for a very long time if at all, but I am buzzing with excitement for Barcelona. 

The food was amazing, I tried something new every single day! I not only tried new food but learned new practices around food. In Madrid they love “Tapas” which are basically appetizers. They share food as a group a lot here and often restaurants have a daily menu to choose from instead of a set one. Some dishes you are even required to share! They also eat much later there! We often had dinner around 10pm every night. 

Along with the food the architecture and people were very nice. Despite not knowing how to speak Spanish, I still had some very impactful interactions with locals, from the barista to my uber driver. The buildings here are so gorgeous, many of the buildings here were built hundred of years before my home country was even founded! 

While in Madrid, we visited a Spanish cyber security company, and I got to learn a whole bunch about what goes into a tech security job. Specifically, I took away that they have a lot of factors to weigh when making security decisions, They have to retrieve information and analyze it in order to make the best decision. They want to balance cost with potential risks. We also discussed how AI will transform Cyber Security. A lot of the beginner or more tedious work like retrieving data or writing reports will likely be the job of Artificial Intelligence soon!  

In total, I fell in love with the city, I could be biased because it was the first international city I spent time in, but I am fine with that being the case.