The beauty of Maastricht is clearly evident when you look around. When walking through the city you might pass the Vrijtohf before stumbling upon the stunning river Meuse. Everywhere you walk there are bikes, cobblestone roads, and students, but also a sense of calm. Since coming to Maastricht I have felt myself being able to find joy in the smallest of moments. I think being in a place when everything is new and you feel surrounded by new landmarks and people, the simplest habits can bring a great amount of comfort. I am also inspired by how the locals are so welcoming to all the internationals in Maastricht. I was worried about being mocked and treated differently because I am from a different country, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the locals asking me questions and offering their help when I am confused. The locals seem to understand something in their small town that I think I often lose sight of when I am at home or in Tuscaloosa: the small aspects of a routine and the things you see every single day can still hold so much beauty. 

The image to the left is the Market Square. Every Wednesday and Friday nearly 30 different vendors set up shop to sell produce, clothing, cheese, bread, and more! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting some fresh and delicious produce from the market, and my favorite part is watching the people who have made this market a part of their daily routine. The image to the right is a photo from the top of Sint Pietersberg. It is near a fort where there is actually an entrance to an extensive network of underground caves. I find it fascinating that the people of Maastricht have such incredible views on a daily basis and that they can find joy in something as simple as a market or a stroll in a park.