As my Plane descend on Panama, I notice the height of the architecture of the buildings. The city was filled with thriving night life and reminds me of Miami at night. When first arriving to Panama I immediately took off of my jacket. It was around midnight but felt like the middle of a summer’s day. Being from Alabama, i am used to humid and hot climates and can somewhat relate to the weather similarities but the overall humidity and intensity of the sun’s rays is definitely something to prepare for. The Panamanian culture is filled with rich history. On my first day in the country, we took a tour around Panama Viejo and explored the ruins of the original city of Panama. It was surreal seeing where buildings were destroyed and being able to learn about the excursions that took place with real evidence in front of you. After visiting Panama Viejo, we visited San Felipe, or Casco Viejo. It houses the Mational Theatre, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and many of the city’s night life activities. One of my favorite activities took places in Casco Viejo and it was salsa dancing. Our instructor taught us the basics and when two hours had passed, we all were essentially pros. The Panamanian cuisine in Casco Viejo was also delicious. Two days ago, we went to a Panamanian buffet and watched a folkloric show after. Many of the foods resembled food you would find in the U.S but most are differentiated. I recall putting on my plate what i assumed to be a mozzarella sticks only for it to be sweet and chewy, it was a type of pastry, and it was delicious. Yesterday we went snorkeling and that morning, all I could smell was the sea salt of the ocean. Overall, studying abroad to indulge yourself in a new culture will not only allow you to gain knowledge of that culture while obtaining education, but you will walk away from the experience knowing more about yourself and lessons learned that you will absolutely apply in your life.