Breaking down every bit of free time you have during the semester is difficult but what is even more difficult is figuring out where you want to go. There are so many memorable places in Europe but this post involves narrowing it down to just five. The first location would be Paris, France. It is such a beautiful city and if you are an art lover then this is the number one place to visit. You can bounce around from place to place very easily and if the city is not for you, at least you can say you’ve held a baguette and seen the Eiffel Tower! The second location is Barcelona, Spain. For those who have studied abroad in Barcelona, they would agree that it is a great place to visit no matter the season. It does not have to be summer to have a good time in a beach town. The city is bright and vibrant during the day and night, and not to even mention the delectable food scene there. The third location that is a must-see in the Netherlands is the city of Amsterdam. You cannot help but smile while taking in all of the different experiences that the city presents to you. Sightseeing is wonderful and not as touristy as the other locations. The city’s hidden feature is its specialty in sustainable fabric making which is a plus for fashion admirers out there. The fourth location that is important to visit during your study abroad journey would be Bordeaux, France. This location may be easy to overlook but it is surprisingly one of the best locations on this list. It is not too large so it is moderately easy to get around. It is also a very well-respected location for wine enthusiasts. It is a charming location that gives a surreal perspective in comparison to the other sites mentioned. The last place which is a great time is London, England. While the majority of these locations have a large percentage of English speakers, it is nice to be able to trust you are not being rude in a place you do not know the language of. London gives you that type of comfort while also highlighting the glamorous sections of the city. While pricey, it may be worth it to see Big Ben in your lifetime. There are so many more places in Europe to explore so everywhere will be worth the journey no matter where you go. It is important to see as many places as possible because you may never get this opportunity again.