I always dreamed about studying abroad, however I am unsure how I would adapt to a new country and culture. I later found out about the first-year student Access Grant Panama Business trip which is a week-long abroad trip to Panama. I believe that this experience will help me determine how I adapt to an unfamiliar environment, and it is a great start to study abroad. To help me adapt to this new environment our class has been discussing the wellness, ethics, and culture of Panama. I have also been doing research of my own to prepare me for any culture shocks. Throughout the week I have been keeping an eye out on the weather and have prepared for the humid and hot weather. Another way to prepare is by being able to connect with my peers that are joining me on this trip. When I found out I had gotten accepted into this program I was filled with so many positive emotions. Today when I was getting ready for my departure, I refused to believe that today was the day. I was filled with so much excitement and denial that this important trip had begun. However, it is great being able to embrace the unknown and being able to step out of my comfort zone. I cannot wait to see what amazing experiences I will gain from this program. I hope to improve my networking skills and gain understanding in the field I want to enter. I want to see the Panama Canal and the Smithsonian Tropic Research Institute on my stay here at Panama. As well as being able to learn and embrace a new culture along the way.