I have been in Spain for three days now, I intended to blog during my travels, but due to the weather, my plans got a little messed up and I had two very stressful 40-minute layovers. So, after two tiring days of orientation and sleep adjustment, here I am not, jet-lagged and excited post. My time so far in Spain has been incredible. I am staying with a host family and have had a wonderful time with my host mom. I have two roommates; however, I do have my own room. I have already learned so much about Spanish culture and have had to practice my Spanish, which was rustier than I thought. Our host mom only speaks Spanish, so communication is tough, but immersion is what I wanted, and this is definitely an effective way to do it. The program I am with has been so helpful with our two days of orientation, and tomorrow we have a tour at our school. They helped get my lost luggage back to my new home after it got left in Atlanta. They gave us so much useful information, and they have many fun excursions ready and waiting for us later this semester. Today is our first off day, so friends and I will explore the part of Madrid in which we are, and I am excited to keep learning more. I’m hoping that by the end of my time here that I will be close to fluent in Spanish and that I will have gone on so many fun excursions and adventures. It is weird waking up in another country than the US each morning, but I wouldn’t trade this once-in-a-lifetime experience for anything.

Below is a square that is near my house when my friends and I were exploring last night.