As April is quickly passing and I come towards the end of my program, I look back on the time I’ve spent studying in Rome, Italy. Personally, I am so grateful for the decision I made to study here. Rome is a great spot not only because all of the rich history it provides, but also the ease of travel that comes along with being in Italy. This past weekend, I embarked on so far what has been my favourite trip of the semester to Split, Croatia. Being here in the Spring term, I have witnessed the weather turn into the perfect summer weather for beach like destinations. Croatia was also a great spot to visit for any of you Game of Thrones fans, you could travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia and take a look at King’s Landing in person. I believe that while you’re abroad and traveling, you find spots that you would want to return to when you’re older, and Croatia is definitely one I will be back to. Not saying that the 3-4 day trips aren’t enough, there is just so much to see everywhere you go. Heres a photo of me at the beach (I’m the left one) in Croatia along with some great friends I’ve made along the way. I truly cant express it enough, go abroad. I love Bama with all my heart but this has been the most amazing experience of my life. So far I’ve been to Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, and next weekend, my final trip to Germany. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world and its been great to travel the world while I’m young.