Returning from studying abroad, I felt a wide range of emotions. I am glad to be home and be able to see my friends and family. However, I continue to reflect on all the experiences and friendships I have made. This study abroad experience taught me to keep an open mind and to prioritize my own well-being. I now feel the need to explore the world and embrace each culture with open arms. My family and friends have noticed that I am more confident in my career and open to new experiences. I learned a lot of new things about business and grew more passionate about my career. I am also grateful and take time to reflect on the life stories shared with me by many kids in Panama. Arriving to the United States the first thing I ran to was Chick-fil-A which I never knew I would miss. I also instantly realized that the drinks were sweeter and more carbonated than those in Panama. Additionally, it took me some time to realized that the United States lacks vibrant and colorful architecture that generates the upbeat atmosphere I experienced in Panama. The biggest advice I would give to future study abroad students is to keep an open mind and avoid having prior expectations about what the trip should entail. Be willing to put yourself out there and immerse yourself in the culture. These tips helped me form lifelong friendships and memories that I would never trade for the world. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and hope to create similar experiences in the future.