I was really blown away by the experience in Panama, it was truly eye-opening, not just from a business perspective but from a cultural perspective as well. Beforehand, I had a sense for how global business is connected and always on, but I was able to tangibly see this firsthand through the variety of businesses we met with and by visiting the Panama Canal. We were also able to experience the local culture from different angles. All the businesses we met with were impressive in their operations and willingness to share, and we met with local high school students, which was humbling, and we got to be tourists for a bit too. This trip has deeply impacted my personal and professional outlook. I can see myself doing things in business in the future which I hadn’t considered previously. 

My advice for future students would be to make the most out of every opportunity and value every bit of time you have. Do not shy away from things that may seem uncomfortable because that is how you grow. Being busy creates opportunity. One of the reasons this trip was so great was because I got out of my comfort zone and tried everything I could. No day was like the other. It was so busy, but in a really good way. While we were there, it felt like the trip lasted forever. I remember thinking about what we did the day before and it felt like a week ago. Time felt completely different than back at home, and my brain was just trying to soak everything up. This trip has made me want to keep trying new things and keep stepping out of my comfort zone. 

I would recommend this program to all students. This has been one of the best experiences of my life so far. The blend of professional exposure with cultural immersion in such a unique location was an unforgettable experience. Weeks later, I’m still reflecting on different aspects of the trip. I have so many good memories and I feel very grateful and humbled to have gone on this trip. I know that this opportunity will impact my future in ways that I can’t even imagine right now. It’s been an amazing gift.