As I look out of the window of the plane taking us to Panama, i could only worry about if I came prepared enough. I recall a weeks before this exciting day, researching about every single detail I could find about the companies that we were going to be introduced to. While researching every intricate detail I could gather, I was enthralled about the opportunity that was presented in front of me. To further prepare i intensively studied the Panamanian culture. Culture shock is undeniably real, and to be able to fully emerge yourself in the rich environment of Panama you must obtain knowledge about the community, the history, and the social and cultural norms. While mentally preparing for the trip, you must be aware of cultural tendencies and how to navigate in an environment that you may have never been in before or feel uncomfortable in. Do not be like me and pack the day before the trip. Take intensive care into what items you bring as well. Make sure to pack for weather, bring appropriate clothing and prepare for circumstances that you might experience while on your travels. My suitcase included business professional and business casual clothing, Outside clothing (casual), hygiene items, and walking/dress shoes. Leave space in your bag for items you may bring back such as souvenirs. Doubts are normal and I had some as well, but this opportunity is worth the uncomfortableness that you may experience for a limited amount of time. As I prepare to leave, I continue to touch up on my Spanish and learn more of what the city has to offer.