I have been considering studying abroad since freshman year of college, it had always been a dream of mine to live in another country for a semester. Because I knew early on that I wanted to go abroad I tried to save as many general educations or lower-level business classes as possible so I could have options to choose from. I decided to study abroad my second semester of junior year, mostly because I was able to take the most classes at that time. I did not really care what city I went to because I knew all of them would be amazing, but it just so happened that Barcelona had the best options for the classes I needed to take so I chose to go there. Before I left, I tried to do extensive research on packing, I usually am an over packer but this time I really did not over pack too bad. I ended up bringing one large suitcase, one carry on suitcase, and a travel backpack. As far as preparation mentally, I had a mindset that no matter what happened it was going to be a once in a lifetime experience therefore it would be great. Obviously, I was nervous going to another country not really knowing anyone, but I also felt like that was part of the experience getting to meet so many new people. My expectations before I left were to make as many friends as possible, travel every chance I get, and experience the culture of new countries.