Today marks three weeks of being abroad in Florence! Since being here, I have had so much fun and been able to experience incredible opportunities that I dreamed about before leaving. One of my main worries before arriving was my roommate situation. I was worried that I would not make any friends and would not get along with my roommates. However, three weeks into my program, I have made amazing friendships with my roommates and feel so grateful to have them. I have cultivated friendships that I know will last even after we leave Italy and can’t imagine my experience without them. Now being here and having settled in I know that this was a shared experience between all my roommates pre-departure! We talked about how nervous we all were to meet each other. But all of my roommates and most people who go abroad don’t know anyone else going into it and all share the same hope of making meaningful friendships. I found it comparable to entering college as a freshman and everyone wanting to make new friends. So, if you are worried about going abroad and not meeting your people, take a deep breath and try to find comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this journey. 

My biggest recommendation about studying abroad and making friends is to stay positive and stay true to yourself! Be kind to your roommates because they will be your first friends! Also, make friends with the people in your classes, some surprising friendships can come from bonding over school work!