Hey folks! Just dropping in to share the details about my upcoming trip to Panama – less than a week left, and the excitement is real!

This is my first time venturing abroad, and let me tell you, the anticipation is through the roof! Today, I and the awesome people I’m going with on this journey went shopping for some last-minute essentials and grabbed lunch together. They’re a cool bunch, and I’m stoked to have them as travel buddies!

Prepping for this trip has been a mix of getting the basics covered – sunscreen, comfy shoes, and all that jazz. Mentally, I’m gearing up for the adventure of a lifetime. Packed my journal for the memories, a playlist for travel vibes, and a few family pics to keep me grounded.

Feelings-wise, it’s a whole rollercoaster. I’m feeling a mix of everything! Excited to explore a new place, anxious about being away from home, and nervous about the unknown. But mostly, I can’t stop thinking about the incredible experiences waiting for me. It’s like butterflies in my stomach mixed with an adrenaline rush – in a good way!

I’ve got a few goals in mind for this adventure. Learning Spanish, embracing the local culture, and trying every local dish possible is definitely on the list. I hope to make lifelong friends, gain a fresh perspective on life, and come back with stories that’ll last a lifetime.

Stay tuned for updates as I dive into Panama – from the city hustle to the beach chill, it’s gonna be an epic ride! Adiós for now! Zoi Jane Moon