As a student studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, I have been completely fascinated by the city’s charm and excitement. Barcelona truly has it all: the city, the mountains, the beach, and so much history. There is an endless amount of things to do and see and I am constantly learning more about Spanish and Catalan culture. Being able to integrate myself into the culture has been nothing short of eye-opening and I am beyond blessed to have been given this experience. But, if I had to choose just one thing that has captured my heart, it would undoubtedly be the food.

 Barcelona is a food-lovers paradise, with endless appetizers and dishes to try. I never thought much of Spanish cuisine before coming here, but I now find myself trying new restaurants every chance I get. When it comes to the potatoes bravas, Iberian ham, or the crispy croquettes, there is truly something for everyone. Dining outside in a charming plaza, sharing stories and laughter with friends over a pitcher of sangria and platters of tapas has been my favorite part of my study abroad experience, and are the moments that truly make Barcelona feel like home. 

What makes Barcelona so appealing is that it has something to offer everyone, regardless of interests in history, cuisine, art, or just having a fun and exciting time in the city. It’s a city that draws in its visitors and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who has the pleasure of experiencing its charm.