When I arrived in Panama, I was instantly struck by the people’s vivid energy and kindness. The bustling streets, along with colorful and tall buildings and vibrant music, portrayed a dynamic and culturally rich country. One of my favorite aspects of Panama is the food. The flavors are strong and diverse, reflecting the country’s cultural melting pot. I have enjoyed eating traditional meals such as sancocho and ceviche, which each provide a unique culinary experience. The locals’ kindness is particularly noteworthy; their warmth and friendliness have made me feel welcomed and at home. I’ve had the opportunity to visit several places in Panama, including the historic streets of Casco Viejo and the gorgeous island of Perico while riding bikes around the island.

Whether it’s snorkeling in Portobelo or visiting different companies. During my time in Panama, I had the opportunity to meet great people from all backgrounds. From street vendors to business executives, every encounter has been rewarding and eye-opening. One of my favorite exchanges was with students from one of Panama’s schools. Despite the language barrier, we discussed our favorite music, what and where they want to study, and a variety of other interesting subjects. While I had some language challenges, I am constantly studying and strengthening my skills. I experienced a lot of funny misunderstandings, which are unavoidable yet frequently lead to amusement and mutual understanding. As my time in Panama comes to an end, I think on the great memories and experiences I’ve had. I am carrying treasured treasures and keepsakes, each with a particular place in my heart for my loved ones back home.