It has officially been two weeks since I started my study abroad journey, and every part has so far been great. I started to write this post on my plane, but somehow time got away from me, so I decided to wait just a little longer to talk about my trip so far.

Last year, on one random day, I thought to myself, What if I studied abroad? I truly had no real objective as to why I needed to go all the way to another country to take classes that I could take at home. I guess it was just something that I wanted to see if it was possible for the idea to come to fruition, and it did. I saved all the money I could to make this journey possible. I decided to go to Barcelona, Spain, through the AIFS program. They seemed like the best program that covered a wide range of benefits that would make my transition easier.

On that plane, a wave of different emotions came over me, as well as questions about my new life. I did not know if I would fit in, make friends, like my homestay, like the food, if I would be homesick, and several other things. But once I landed and got off my plane, many of these emotions ceased. People here in Barcelona are so nice and helpful, even when my Spanish is spotty, which is often the case. There is so much to do in this city, and it’s all so exciting. It’s nothing a black girl from southeast Alabama could ever imagine. So far, my classes are engaging, and the professors seem excited to teach, which is great. I am surprised to say that, but I’m somewhat excited about going to class. It’s just interesting to see how different the curriculum is here compared to the U.S.

I think I have made one of the best decisions of my life. I can’t wait to learn more about myself on this trip. So even if you feel like studying abroad is some stupid dream, I am proof that it can come true.