Today is December 19, 2023, and it’s my last day living in Athens, Greece. My home for the last 4 months has left me nothing short of amazed, and I’ve loved (almost) every second of my time here. I feel just as familiar with this beautiful city as I do with my city back home, and the thought of leaving tomorrow morning is heartbreaking. I’ve made so many friends and memories since September, and I know that they’ll stay with me for the rest of my life.

However, as the holidays approach, I can’t say that I’m not equally as excited to go home as I am sad to leave. 4 months without seeing my family, friends, and pets has been difficult to say the least. I think that because I know I’ve made the most of my time here, it makes the thought of leaving easier. I fully intend to return to visit Athens someday, and I’d love to show my loved ones around my second home. It is certainly a weird feeling that right now, none of them have been to my favorite cafe, or to the restaurant that offers half off pasta to students every Wednesday. This is such a key reason why I fully intend to keep in touch with all the friends I’ve made here. Making connections and going on so many adventures has been such a core part of my study abroad experience, and while I’ve been keeping my family updated, it’s so nice to have people that have been with me every step of the way.