One of the neatest experiences I had in Portugal was when I signed up for an all-day excursion to the Peneda-Geres National Park. Since I wasn’t staying in downtown Porto I caught an Uber to the Imperial McDonald’s where I was then picked up in a white Land Rover and 8 other adventurers.

We drove 2 hours to get to the Cavalos River where we then kayaked to the beach portion of the river. At the beach portion you could relax in the water or try out your paddle board skills. This was my first time paddle boarding and kayaking and y’all, I think I am hooked!

Afterwards, we kayaked back to the dock and headed to a local cafe to refuel. The guide provided us a traditional Portuguese lunch. It consisted of pork, gravy, salad, rice, and yes, potatoes too. We topped lunch off with some ice cream and headed off to the next stop!

Our post-lunch adventure consisted of a short ride up the mountains of the national park. When we stopped we filled up our water bottles at a natural spring and hiked down to the coolest water hole I have ever seen. The water was the clearest I have ever seen, and the views were just as breathtaking as the water itself. We stayed there a few hours, but I could have stayed forever. We then hiked back up the mountain and travelled even higher to a lookout point to see a massive waterfall.

The next step was another lookout point. It was even better than the last. This lookout point overlooked the river, the mountains, and the beach area we stopped at earlier that morning. The views were unbelievable.

Our tour guide was full of surprises. He kept us guessing at every stop. We never knew what was coming next. Just when we thought our experience was over, he stopped by a local fruit stand and got us all blueberries for the 2 hour journey home. When I booked this adventure solo, I was nervous about so many things. Although I wish I could have shared this experience with my friends or family, I am extremely thankful that my fears didn’t prevent me from venturing out on this excursion. I would highly recommend going on these types of adventures even if you have to go alone!