Today was my final day at the London School of Economics, and truthfully, it was a sad one! My three weeks in London went by far too quick, and while I saw everything (and everyone) I had hoped to, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a subtle feeling that there’s more to see. In a city with so much to do, it’s natural to feel that way, though, but I’m hoping I can come back and see it all again anyway!

For my final day, I woke up and got breakfast at my dining hall, and then headed straight to campus; my final exam was today, and I needed to make sure I’m ready to take it. LSE is a difficult school, but with all of its resources and material, I felt more than ready for the final exam, and while I don’t know the score yet… I’m pretty sure I nailed it!

I then headed back to my apartment to meet up with some friends who wanted to head out for our final night in town. We went to a nice restaurant in North London and talked about going home and our different experiences in the city. All of us were from different countries, so hearing about everyone else’s perspective was extremely interesting.

And now… I’m back in the dorm, packing my bags and saying my final goodbyes to my classmates. While my trip is coming to an end, I hope the connections and experiences I had don’t fade away; London was an amazing and enriching experience and one that I’m eternally grateful to have been a part of. For now, I’m ready to head back to campus and get to work with my newfound knowledge from my travels!