Going to LegoLand has been a lifelong dream of mine as a self-proclaimed Master Builder. My sister and I always built forts made out of Legos in our backroom, just big enough for my dad to trip over when he was putting the ladder back in the closet. Nonetheless, my love for Legos has persisted into my college career, despite not being able to collect them extensively since I came to Tuscaloosa. So, as you might imagine, I spent as much time here at LegoLand as I possibly could have. Visiting MiniLand and seeing the accomplishments of others who are addicted to Legos was spectacular. Models of airports, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen were a joy to behold. Each model contained well over a million Legos per build, and I imagine that it took a giant team of people hours and hours to complete. What’s more, each piece was glued together, further extending the time required to build the massive miniatures. Beyond the miniatures in MiniLand, there were plenty of other fun things to do. I made a fool of myself in the Lego Ninjago laser parkour room, ate the biggest cotton candy mountain I’ve ever seen, and very nearly dropped four hundred dollars on a limited edition set sold only at the Lego House. I honestly don’t know how I managed to walk out of there with my life savings intact. It has been an absolutely invaluable experience in terms of keeping my hobbies alive. As soon as I get home, I’m going to pull my bucket of Legos out from the closet. It’s time to get to work.