London, June, 2023

Every weekday morning at 8:30 AM I’d join a couple flat mates on a walk to the tube station. We’d board our train at 8:36 and patiently ride thirty minutes to university. People of all sorts would join us on this commute through London. We would stare out the window, converse quietly amongst one another, or read a book until we arrived.

I loved this time on the tube because it taught me how valuable the moments of transition in our lives can be. I feel that we often sit in traffic or wait in line simply waiting for what’s to come or hoping and praying the lines will move faster. But what I noticed with the people sitting around me also in commute, there was a sense of stillness and patience. A calmness in the moment. I learned to take this time in transit to process my thoughts and learn where I am. Not to distract myself with other things or move my mind from where I am, but cherish where I was and truly experience the getting and going to places. I realized that sometimes the in-between moments in life are some of the most special and teach me more than the destination ever could.