During my six weeks abroad, I had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam. Each city had a different twist, which made them very special and unique.

Barcelona was my absolute favorite city. The city has so much to offer by always having events going on. My favorite part about Barcelona is that it has everything to offer in one area; such as the city, beach and mountains. It is the most beautiful and exhilarating place I have traveled to and am so happy I could experience it.

Paris is everything I have always dreamed of. The historical buildings were beautiful and the food was absolutely delicious. My favorite memory in Paris was going into the Eiffel Tower and eating lunch in the Eiffel Tower’s restaurant. At the restaurant, we had a window seat which was the perfect view of the city.

Amsterdam had the best atmosphere, from the colorful buildings and outdoor areas. Everyone biked throughout the city, which was really fun to experience. My friends and I took a cruise through a canal and visited the Anne Frank house. I loved Amsterdam and definitely want to come back.