This Faculty-Led Study Abroad program was my first abroad experience. Before I set off for Johannesburg, I was very nervous. The airport, the flight, customs, etc… it all frightened me! At the same time, I was very excited. South Africa had always been a dream destination for me. The history is so rich and multidimensional. The terrain and climate is beautiful, but not even close to as stunning as the people who reside there. As finals came and went, all I could think about was the days that I would soon be sending on a different continent.

I tried to follow the innovative EduAbroad advice with packing. I laid out what I wanted to bring, and tried to take away half of it. I still had to struggle with the zipper on my suitcase, but upon weigh-in, it was only 40 pounds. I was pleased with that packing job.

The flight was less than terrible. I arrived at the Atlanta Airport, and both check-in and security went very quickly! I spent the couple hours before my flight conversing with some of the other girls who would be spending two weeks in South Africa with Dr. Iheka. I had some snacks and drank somewhat before boarding the plane. I ended up getting a full night’s rest on the flight, which was much needed. Our tour guide picked us up at the airport, and the adventures began! Pictured I have an image of our plane over the green, vast, mountainous South African terrain.