I truly cannot believe that I am already writing my post-trip reflection about the best 5 weeks of my life. The opportunity to immerse myself in the Argentine culture and Spanish language there was sincerely one I will never forget. When I first arrived at the Atlanta airport, it was almost like a movie playing back in my head every experience I had had in Argentina. IguazĂș, Mendoza, Colonia, taking the tour of Plaza de Mayo, etc. Every experience in Argentina was incredible, and although my time there was short, I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn more about medicine and Spanish in Argentina.

I think about Argentina a lot and miss it even more. Hilariously, I really do miss the prices there--paying $6 for a medium-sized coffee here is crazy! I also miss the busyness of my everyday life in Argentina and how amazing it felt to be a part of city life in Argentina. I miss going to meriendas every day with my classmates at the University of Belgrano (UB) and the amazing coffees and treats we would have daily. It is still crazy to me how such a short amount of time can shape you as a person, as I am forever changed by my experiences and time in Argentina.

Studying abroad definitely changed my perspective on Latin American and Argentinian culture, as I did not know much about either before going to Argentina. It was an amazing opportunity to really be immersed in the culture through my homestay, the university I attended, and the hospital I shadowed at. I met so many different people in Argentina and had the opportunity to speak about many different topics such as politics, medicine, and healthcare systems.

Overall, the advice I would have for future students is to just go for it! It sounds cliche, but I really did meet some of my closest friends during my study abroad experience. It was incredible to see each other grow so much over a short 5-week period, and my group grew to become close friends so quickly. It's amazing how much you can learn and experience once you trust yourself and your capability to do hard/scary/challenging things. I think the opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture, language, and lifestyle is something every student should try to have!