Three things I wish I knew before I traveled to Barcelona

Barcelona is the most beautiful and exhilarating city I have ever traveled to. Barcelona has so much to offer such as the city center, beaches, and mountains. However, as my first time in Europe, I had no idea what to expect and wish I had a few pointers. I hope these three tips will help you prepare for your trip.

  1. Pickpocketing is NOT a joke

Many people are willing to do anything for money. As Americans, we stand out as targets by the way we talk, act, and dress. Unfortunately, while I was in Barcelona, my purse was stolen. My three friends and I were sitting on the beach, and someone ran next to us and took my purse. My biggest advice is to always have your belongings on you, and do not set anything down. It is such a pain to cancel your credit cards, get a new ID, and buy a phone. Anytime you are out in Barcelona, make sure to be aware of your surroundings.

2.  Tipping is not common

In America, everyone tips their waiters and taxi drivers. However, in Barcelona it is unnecessary. My first week in Spain, I  tipped every cab driver and waiter until I finally realized you are not suppose to. Save your money to buy gelato instead 🙂


Traveling can be exhausting and frustrating. However, do not take anytime you have abroad for granted. Please do not get worked up about small things, and think about the amazing opportunity you have to be in Spain. Don’t waste your time taking naps, and go out and explore the city. You are the luckiest person in the world to be in Barcelona and enjoy every minute!