The absolutely breathtaking view and chilling blue water made the fact that I had to sit down and do a little bit of computer work better. The sailboats docking in the harbor with the beautiful range of hills and mountains climbing up the horizon blew my breath away and provided me with inspiration and motivation. The tediousness of the applications and reading dockets was eased by my peers’ laughter and fun, which surrounded me. I sat on a bench watching the sun slowly move towards the climbing mountains and listened to the soft sounds of the water meeting the shore. The chilly air touched my shoulders which were only warmed by the harsh rays of the sun. This was the perfect environment to build my makeshift office. Eventually, I got bored of my work and was snapped out of my focus by Dr. Latta saying that he hoped I wasn’t doing work; I indeed was. A little break was needed though. I slipped my trusty Birkenstocks off to let the receding tide meet my feet. Wading through the water, I met Hope. We talked about life for an hour and let the mixture of cold water and warm sun surround us. The setting sun reminded me of the work I had to finish, so I proceeded to watch the sunset and finish up on a picnic table. The night only got better. Everything from the drinks, the barbecue, and the company warmed the chilly night air. Winding down to a close, I went to sleep with memories of clear water, a watercolor sky, and sweet company. What a way to spend the afternoon! Snells Beach you have a special place in my memory as one of my favorite offices.

Always and Forever,

Your worker!