I studied abroad through the UA in Oxford Honor's program, and the Oxford University campus and surrounding community was absolutely gorgeous! I've attached many pictures of some of my favorite places on campus, along with brief descriptions of each, below.

Radcliffe Camera

The image above is a picture I took on one of my first days in Oxford of the Radcliffe Camera. While it is called a "camera", the building is actually a library! It is part of the Bodleian Library complex, one of the oldest libraries in Europe! Through this program, I was actually able to work inside this library and access all of its resources, a privilege usually exclusive to only Oxford students. Over the course of this trip, I did much of my work inside the Radcliffe, and I even checked out a book and used it for one of my class projects!

Worcester College Lawn


The picture above is one I took of the Worcester College Lawn! Oxford University houses 39 Colleges, and UA in Oxford takes place at Worcester! This beautiful college is where our group stayed in the dorms, took our classes, and ate at the dining hall every morning and some nights. Over the course of this trip, I was able to explore so much of this campus, and see everything from the beautiful flower gardens, to the orchards with plums that you could pick and eat anytime you wanted, to the very peaceful Worcester lake (pictured below). This college is also in an amazing location, with easy walking access to just about anywhere you could need or want to go within the heart of Oxford, as well as the bus and train station if you were looking to travel.

Worcester College Lake

The picture above is one I took on my last night in Oxford of the Worcester College Lake. To my knowledge, Worcester is the only Oxford College with its own lake, and I spent a good amount of time just relaxing by the lake. There was plenty of wildlife that lived near the lake, so if you sat quietly and just paid attention, you could see ducks, fish, and even sometimes a crane. Plus, the sunset over the lake was so nice to watch (as shown in the picture). Overall, hanging out by the lake was just a really nice way to relax and have a peaceful moment in between the busier aspects of the program.