Hi! In case you haven’t read my previous blog, I participated in the European Innovation Academy in Porto, Portugal this summer. This program is one of the many hands-on study abroad experiences that UA has to offer. Rather than sitting and learning abroad in a traditional classroom, I was able to create my own startup company from scratch and pitch it to investors within 15 days of work. I was a bit nervous about this learning style for a class, as I’d never done it before, but I can confidently say that I have gained experience that is incredibly valuable for the rest of my time at UA. I am in the STEM/CREATE MBA program, and I am about to enter my senior project year. My time in Portugal felt like the ultimate innovation project. I took on the roll of Chief Marketing Officer, and now I feel more prepared than ever to bring the new skills I developed to my project team this year. I was given knowledge of software and marketing techniques that real business owners are using as tools like AI continue to grow. I am so excited to share these tools with my team! One of my favorite parts about studying abroad is that the work that you do doesn’t just impact your time abroad; it carries over to the rest of your studies at UA as well as to your future career. Have fun in your study abroad program, and expand your knowledge!