I’m at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art! No, not that Louisiana. This one is named after the wives of the founder of the museum, a rather old-school convention for such a progressive museum. This museum had some of the most cutting edge exhibits I have ever seen in person and perhaps even online. The exhibit pictured below is a prime example. Perhaps more visually striking than meaningful, this exhibit serves as an excellent way to draw in the viewer before exposing them to the more metaphorical pieces. I’ll include more images than usual to try to convey just how different this museum is. A real live man standing on a ledge about 15 feet off the ground who would make uncomfortable eye contact if you so much as glanced at him, a single-take cover of an ABBA song by ten people in ten different parts of the same house, and a beautiful selection of tradition artwork all served to make this museum my favorite in the entire world. Even the way the exhibits were arranged was perfect. I found myself constantly comparing the grandiosity of the museum to by local museum of modern art back home in Montgomery, Alabama, and I could not believe how much more gorgeous this one was. That is really saying something, too, because I really love the Montgomery Museum of Modern Art! I would not change a single thing about the entire museum, it was a joy to walk through from start to finish.