July 2nd was the day that we began the trip that would change our lives! Although a late night flight was in the works out of Hartsfield Jackson Airport, I couldn’t wait to embark on this new trip. So, I woke up early, I finished packing, and I sat downstairs patiently waiting for my parents to come home so we could get this show on the road!

As we started our drive to the airport, a few nerves began to set in regarding going to a new place and being around new people in such a different atmosphere than not only Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but different from The United States as a whole.

However, once I got there and went through security (rather quickly than expected I should say), I finally began to feel as if Oxford was a place all of us belonged. However, this feeling was soon met with four flight delays and three gate changes, making our flight out of Atlanta seem as if it was never going to happen.

Nonetheless, after panicking about our flight possibly being cancelled, we made our way on the plane close to midnight and started our eight hour journey to Oxford!

Arriving at the Heathrow Airport in London 2:30 UK time, we finally made it, waited on our coach to pick us up, and took our one-hour drive to Oxford! Once we arrived, that’s when the feeling of belonging came back. From the wonderful hospitality to the beautiful architecture, it was hard to not to begin to fall in love with such a place.

Worcester College in Oxford, England