For my study abroad program in Italy, I visited seven cities over the past four weeks. These cities—Venice, Padua, Verona, Milan, Ravenna, Florence, and Rome—have all been wonderful to visit, and I loved seeing the rich culture of each and how they differ from one another. Each city’s unique atmosphere enriched this program, from the nostalgia that Padua’s university provided to the ancient grandeur in Rome. I love being in this country and seeing all these beautiful historic sites.

               However, the amount of travel in this program is not for everyone. While being able to see so many cities is incredible, it takes a mental and physical toll that is not for everyone. It has been difficult to not be able to fully settle into any town that I have visited; by the time I adapt to one place, my program moved. It also makes it difficult to create schedules for class work and sleep since every time I go to a new city, my schedule must change to accommodate the new experiences there.

                Even though there are challenges that come with so much travel, I am so happy that I joined this program. I cannot think of any other program that offers as many experiences as this one, especially for a four-week long program. I love being in Italy, and seeing so many distinct parts of the country made this experience so much more enjoyable for me. It is an unforgettable experience that is so incredibly fulfilling.