Studying abroad has been such an eye-opening experience. Traveling and going to foreign places has been so fun, but also so confusing. The phenomenon of culture shock is real. Seeing all the things that are different is very insightful, but is also a constant reminder of the things you take for granted at home. It takes some time to adjust to the differences, but they are rarely impossible to overcome. Once I began to adjust and the culture shock subsided, the trip was nearly over. I almost felt like I belonged there for that short time. I could realistically envision living my life in there. The trip back felt a lot quicker than the trip there, even though in reality the time in transit was roughly equivalent. Admittedly, I was a lot less thrilled on the trip back home than I was on the trip heading out. However, I was still pleasantly surprised by things in the United States that I had forgotten about, the many comforts I enjoy on a regular basis. Some things I remembered clearly and yearned for throughout my trip abroad. Such as drying my hands with paper towels. Some things I did not remember so clearly until I returned, such as how vast and expansive the beautiful American landscape is. Then, the reverse culture shock set in. I missed the convenience and prevalence of many things, chief among them being food. The friendliness of the locals cannot be understated. Coming back felt like I was being deprived of something almost fundamental. But over time, I readjusted. America my is home, for now. It just never occurred to me that I could possibly see another place in the same light.