Living is Ghana is truly an amazing experience. I enjoy and savor every moment I have here to embrace and learn more about the culture. I have learned so much about the history here, which is an important factor to me. The lifestyle here is very different than the lifestyle back at home in the U.S., which makes this experience even more enjoyable. I have made great bonds with the people in my group as well as the some of the locals in the community.


Although the lifestyle here in Elmina, Ghana is different than home, being able to adapt to this different culture has opened my perspective on many topics. My normal day includes having breakfast with my group, then headed off to the poly clinic which is walking distance from our residence.  As we arrive to the poly clinic, we shadow Dr. Carol as she is consulting and doing patient care with her patients throughout the clinic. Although, here in Elmina they speak a different language called fante, Dr. Carol makes sure she translates to English for us to ensure we understand what is occurring. The amount of medical techniques I have learned are is something I am inspired to have in my future. As lunch time approaches at 12pm, we leave the poly clinic to have lunch at our residence. After lunch we normally enjoy going throughout the community to volunteer our time. As a group we enjoy visiting kids at a local school here in the town we are located. We introduce ourselves to the staff and the students of the school. We play outside, dance, and even do after school clubs at the school. The students welcome us with open arms and a big smile on their faces, letting us know we are welcome. 


I have took it upon myself to become mor involved throughout the community, I have a personal task of my own to begin learning the language they speak called fante. I have been able to greet others, introduce myself, and ask others "how are you?" Although it is very challenging to learn a new language, I believe I can conquer this challenge. It shows the others in the community my efforts to show my involvement. The citizens here in this town even feel more comfortable knowing we can have dialogue in their language.